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  • October 15, 2012 12:26 pm


    Jesus and his disciples are walking along a road. Jesus is eating wheat fresh off the stalk.

    Judas: Jesus, you shouldn’t be picking that wheat. It’s the Sabbath.
    Jesus: So I can’t eat if I’m hungry? You’ve gotta ease up on the rules there, Judas.
    Judas: If I’m not mistaken, they’re your rules.
    Jesus: Oh. Right. Well, in that case, uh… they don’t count. In this instance. This specific instance.
    Judas: You can’t just go changing God’s Law-
    Jesus: My law.
    Judas: -whenever you want. People need consistency in a king.
    Jesus: Ah, but I’m not just a king. I’m a king of kings. So I can be totally meta about my rules, and stuff.
    Judas: “Meta” doesn’t mean “just dick around”. If you were going to be “meta” about rules, you’d be making rules about rules, not breaking existing rules.
    Jesus: How’s this for a rule about a rule? I rule that you shut up. And also all rules only apply to me if I rule that the rule is relevant. Because I rule.
    Judas:I admit, that is pretty meta.
    Jesus: I’ve said the word “rule” too many times and now it sounds like nonsense.
    Judas: How apropros.

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